Monday, April 30, 2012

Working Mom

I can almost say that I survived my first business trip after Hudson's arrival! I'm preparing to board my flight back to KC from Chicago.

As a new nursing mom, I was more worried about being away from Hudson and pumping in unfamiliar places than I was about giving my presentation (which went well BTW!).

I managed to pump at the airport this morning and twice at the convention center this afternoon, and I had no problems bringing milk on the plane! Mission accomplished - almost! To reward myself for actually making the trip, figuring out where to pump, taking my first taxi alone, and giving a presentation about something that is NOT my specialty, I did what every new mom who has 5-7 more pounds to lose would do: I indulged in an ice cream cone; )

I'm hoping Hudson will be hungry tonight because he will be sleeping - I hope, for Nick's sake - when I get home. I missed the little guy, but he was in good hands with Auntie Claire. She even sent me some photos!

Thank goodness for smartphones -Nick has sent me some, too; )

Can't wait to hold him myself - even though he appears to be just fine as long as he has his BFF, Moo Moo; )

Pics (which I can't seem to embed while using the Blogger app):
Me and my ice cream
Hudson and Moo Moo (from Claire)
Hudson and Aaron (from Claire)
Hudson and Moo Moo (from Nick)

PS: Working has caused me to be too busy to post months two and three, but I promise they're coming soon!!

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Cassie said...

You are amazing!! And such a good mama! You totally deserved that ice cream cone!!