Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturdays are a changin'!

Today I was thinking about the four blog posts that I have started writing - and unsuccessfully finished. They're saved as drafts, so surely I'll have time to finish them soon...right? I thought that maybe today would be the day! Instead, I was reminded of how my Saturdays have changed since I became a mom. I did make it to the gym to start the day, but the rest of the day of the day was quite different from Saturdays of the past! I was focused on the baby-related tasks and household tasks that needed to be done - in addition to the usual routine of nursing, changing diapers, and trying to make the baby smile.

I did some couponing - which took a little bit too much time because our printer wasn't working! - and bought all of these diapers (and a pair of socks!) for $32 ($.12/diaper)...
(A blog that I follow mentioned a $10 off of $25 coupon for diapers at Dollar General! I went once in the morning and scored 120 diapers (+ 1 pair of socks to hit $25) for $15 ($.125 per diaper). I went to a different DG store in the afternoon and did even better - 144 diapers for $17 ($.118 per diaper). Going to two stores took up quite a bit of the day!)

I also spent close to two hours in the kitchen - and I'm still not done! I took the clean bottles out of the dishwasher and set them out to dry...

Organized my pumped milk into freezer bags (/made a huge mess with the dirty bottles before starting another load of bottles in the dishwasher!)...

Took all of the freezer bags of milk out of the freezer, organized them by date, put them in groups of eight, put the groups of eight into grocery bags, and marked the grocery bags with dates and the number of ounces in the bag...

Phew. Once I was done organizing, it was time to take the milk to Nick's parents' house to store and to drop off Nick at a bar to watch the KU game. (Hudson and I then made my second trip to Dollar General before heading to Walmart./0

While inside Dollar General, my sweet little sprinkler guy made a LOUD diaper explosion that made a little girl chuckle in the aisle next to us! I knew I would have to change his diaper before our trip to Walmart. I've changed a diaper in a car before - no big deal. As we drove to Walmart, he began to do his hunger cry, and I realized that I was going to have to feed him in the car for the first time! I parked on the edge of the Walmart parking lot, and I nursed him successfully. Then, I learned a lesson while changing my second diaper in a car: Don't change the baby in the front seat. The seat naturally tilts back, so as I was cleaning his tush I realized that his face was turning red as the blood rushed to his head. Whoops! All moms make mistakes, right? ; ) I quickly lifted up his head and somehow managed to strap on his diaper at the same time. Did I mention that I was wearing a skirt that was blowing up in the wind! I'm sure this was not a pretty sight! Finally, we did our grocery shopping in Walmart! Sheesh - what a long outing!

After Walmart, Mom came over to watch the KU game with us! Somehow KU managed to pull out a win! Had this happened a year ago, I'd be downtown with Nick enjoying this view:

This year, I'm at home enjoying this view (and wouldn't have it any other way!):

I should be asleep, but I'm still stunned from the win. I figure that Hudson will wake up soon to eat, so I might as well write a post. Maybe I'll finish one of the other four posts tomorrow...or maybe not; )

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Cassie said...

Way to go on the breast milk!! That's hard work!
Hudson is adorable. I love the picture of him sleeping -- So sweet.