Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2 Years - 45 Weeks - Wreaths, Selfies, and Nose Prints

Hudson had so much fun making a fall wreath at the library story time that we decided to make a similar Christmas wreath! He decorated a paper plate with Christmas stickers (I was very impressed with how he spread them out around the plate - ha!), and then I punched holes around the edges. He carefully put ribbon through the holes. He was SO proud of his wreath, and creating the wreath was a fun way to spend time together!

We also took some selfies this week! I sure do love this kid; )

Sometimes Hudson likes to give "nose prints" instead of kisses. I think he learned about nose prints because the kiddos aren't supposed to put their noses on the glass door at daycare because it leaves nose prints - ha! Every time he gives us nose prints, he yells, "Nose print!!!"

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