Saturday, April 11, 2015

21 Day Fix - Workout Trackers

Nerd alert! I made some trackers to help me remember the reps I complete and the weights I use: ) These workout trackers are absolutely NOT required for people who are completing the 21 Day Fix, but they help me track my progress and keep me from doubting myself! 

I have a horrible time remembering how many reps I did or how much weight I lifted from week to week, and I think it holds me back! I'll start with weights that are too light or start my reps too slow because I can't remember and don't have the confidence to push myself harder or heavier!

When I have numbers in front of me, I can say, "I know that I am stronger this week! I can go a little heavier! I can do one more rep!" I don't track everything because it slows me down, but I do track the reps for exercises when I can compete against myself (e.g., skater jumps, burpees!), the weights I use, and the modifications I make (e.g., half of set on knees). 

I hope you find this helpful!
Enjoy: )

(PS: I didn't make these for pilates or yoga because it didn't really seem to apply.)


Bethany said...

Thanks Lauren - this saved me some time and is just what I was looking for!

Sarah Troxtel said...

Hi Lauren, may I use your 21 day fix workout tracker with my challenge group? Obviously, I will give credit to you for your hard work with a shoutout to your blog posts. :)