Thursday, October 23, 2008


SOOOO happy for tomorrow!! We do not have school, and I am going to knock some wedding-related items off our to-do list! Unfortunately, Nancy the Nissan's brake light and battery light came on, so she has to be fixed tomorrow...AND the garage door fixer guy is coming at 8am to fix the garage door. I am not "stoked" to pay the bills, but I know these things happen: (
I went to Wal-Mart tonight, and I picked up my new camera (the battery is charging now!!). While I was there, I headed down the wedding aisle, and I cam across some of the CUTEST wedding items I have EVER seen. Martha Stewart has a line at Wal-Mart called Martha Stewart Celebrate. I love, loVE, LOVE, the eyelet collection. I made this mini-collage of some of the eyelet pieces. SOOO cute!

I also looked at the newest Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. I ALMOST bought it, but I decided to try a new kind of coffee instead...
Since I did not buy the magazine, I made mental note to look for the picture online. I found them and made this little collage...
The article had some suggestions for where to find buy the little circle stickers (, the photo confetti (, and the photo stickers ( I may have to check them out!

Wedding-Related Tasks for Tomorrow:
- Kinko's and Copy Co. (ask about save-the-date postcards and invitations)
- clean ring at Kizer Cummings: ) (ask about wedding bands)
- HyVee floral department (reserve wedding day)
- format guest list
- I think I'm forgetting something...

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