Thursday, October 16, 2008

wine-box ceremony?

A few months ago, Claire (maidzilla - ha!) mentioned that some of Adam's friends had a wine-box ceremony at their wedding. I was intrigued because I think I may want to do something different than a unity candle, and we do have a wine theme goin' on. I also like the idea of writing each other letters because we have written many, many letters over the years.

Check out this blog that outlines the process -

Here are some other ceremonies that some people do. I do not think we can have wine at the ceremony though, so keeping the bottle closed may be our best bet...



Anonymous said...

Love the letters in a box idea:) I just think that it will be nice to know that they are there. Which ever one you choose it will be perfect! Love J.

Anonymous said...

The wine and love letter box is a great idea. I am getting married in June as well and am excited to do this. We both have written many cards and letters to one another over the years, saved them and often reflected on those feelings captured with a simple writing instrument. It takes you back, to where you began. That has to be an amazing gift in a marriage!