Sunday, May 8, 2011

What I've Been Smiling About Lately! V.2

Last week's post made me smile, so now I'm making a list for this week!

What I've Been Smiling About Lately! V.2

- I went on a late-morning run with Natalie. LOVE our 6-mile loop!

- I visited a soon-to-be-B&B, the Runaway Pony, with Mom, Dad, and Claire, and it may be a part of Lisa's wedding - ceremony venue?/reception site?/place to stay?/all three!?! SO cute and historic (Read about "Freddie" the pony!)!

- I spent the afternoon at Art in the Park with Mom and Claire!

- I visited with Grandma and Grandpa at the Arbor.

- I met Natalie for an early run on Wednesday...and for a pedicure on Thursday! 

- Nick and I had our first kickball practice of the season: ) Only a few weeks until the season begins...

- I worked from home on Friday and finally caught up on some paperwork!

- Callie and I went to McDonald's for an ice cream sundae. Then, she ran away (NO smiles!!), but then she came back (lots of smiles!!).

- I bought a little camera case I've been wanting: )

- I finished my last four thank you notes ( I just need to sent them!! Why is it so hard to actually get them in the mailbox!?!)!

- Nick and I had a picnic at the lake!

- Callie surveyed the yard from the new (HUGE) air conditioner; )

- Nick and I hosted Mother's Day! Nick made pork chops and hotdogs on the grill, and we had caesar salad (Thanks, Dad!), baked beans, (Thanks, Butch!), chips (Thanks, Claire!), mac/cheese/tomato, carrots/dip, fruit/dip, and ice cream (Thanks, Grandpa!) with berries! Yummy!

Love her: ) Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!

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