Monday, May 30, 2011

What I've Been Smiling About Lately! V.3

The last two three weeks have been a good way. (I actually was ALMOST ready to post this a week or so ago...but I forgot!)

I have had LOTS to make me smile, and every day I feel a little bit better about my decision to resign from teaching last year. Having time on the evenings and weekends to enjoy family, friends, and life is MUCH better than feeling busy/stressed all the time!

What I've Been Smiling About Lately! V.3

- I had a nice chat with Grandpa, Mom, and Grandma after the Mother's Day brunch.

Mom and Grandma chatting: )
Helen sleeping!

- On sunny days, my office view is AWESOME! If I'm getting stressed out or need a break, I can look outside and see Memorial Stadium, the Oread, a lot campus - including Fraiser Hall, and the Campanile! Although it has been cloudy lately, there have been a few beautiful days! Love it!

 - One of my childhood friends - Laura - was married on Saturday, 5/14! The day was chilly - but otherwise it was SO much fun! The wedding was at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, and the reception was at Lake View Lake. After the reception, we headed downtown to Quinton's, the Sandbar, and Pyramid Pizza! SO fun: )

- We had a kickball scrimmage! We were tired, but we both played well!

- I met Sarah for dinner at Free State Brewery. She leaves in just a few days, so we're taking advantage of our last few weeks somewhat close to each other!

- I have had some DELICIOUS eats lately!! Check out my stack of tupperware to make this greek yogurt/banana/strawberry/chocolate chip/oats/agave mix happen! After I was finished, I had a tupperware tower on my desk the rest of the day: )

- I had lunch with my friend Stephanie on Friday! She works at KU also, so it is easy for us to get together! We need to do it more often!

- Nick made a delicious steak dinner!!!

- Nick and I booked our NC trip!!! Can't wait to see G&G and to see NC!!!

- Natalie and I did spent all of Sunday (5/22) together! We went on a long run in the morning. Then, we showered up before comparing prices at Wal-Mart, Dillon's, HyVee, and Target! Such a fun - and nerdy! - day!

- The work week flew by!

- Sarah came over for a home-cooked meal...and to say goodbye: ( I'm going to miss having her close by, and I will miss her cute pups, too!

- Nick and I shared Thursday-night sundaes - and a smile: )

- I went to bed at 9:15 on Friday night; )

- Jenny and family were in town!! Nick and Tim golfed, and Jenny and I rode in the carts! On Saturday night, Nick and I shared some pizza and a movie with Butch and Judy. Butch and I slept through most of the movie, but Nick and Judy enjoyed it: )

- I joined Mom, Dad, Claire, Grandpa, and Uncle Paul at Set'em Up Jack's.

- After games with Ryan and some BBQ, Nick and I played some kickball on Sunday night - SO fun! Next week the season begins!!

- Natalie and I did our long run yesterday, and we walked our pups today! SOOOOO fun - except for when the tornado sirens went off!

I'm a little nervous about the next few weeks/months! I have so much going on, but it is all fun stuff so I'm going to try to enjoy it! I'm going to try to work hard at work and relax hard at home: )

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malindaohara said...

Love that you are so happy lately! I miss you friend!!!