Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I've Been Smiling About Lately!

I think there really is always something to smile about if I take the time to notice or to think about it long enough. I have to admit that I struggle to "savor every day moments." In fact, it would probably be easier for me to write a post titled "What I've Been Stressed About Lately!" 

I tried to keep my own "one-sentence journal" a couple years ago, but I was too busy to keep up with it: ( I'm going to take a different angle and try to recap what has made me happy lately. If it works well - and makes me happy - I might just do it again next week!

What I've Been Smiling About Lately (V. 1!?!)

- Lisa (aka my older sister and current bridezilla) is getting married - and keeps us posted on...

 what she likes...

and what she doesn't like...

- Nick and I had a date Garozzo's and then met Sarah, Steve, and some other friends at The Flying Saucer for the Kozlen's plate night/Steve's going-away party!

- We had April birthday parties to celebrate Daddy (at Mom and Dad's) and Claire (at Rudy's)!

- I finished the Lawrence half-marathon with my friend, Natalie - and felt great!

(So...maybe I didn't look or feel so great 
RIGHT after I crossed the finish line and received a hug from Nick - HA!)

Colin, Natalie, Me, Nick

 My surprise supporters! (Dad, Me, Mom)

- I got a nice note from Grandmom: )

- I made Easter egg cake pops with Morgan for Easter - so cute: )

- Nick and I hosted Easter brunch!

- I shared orange jello - a family favorite - with Grandma on Easter (and saw Helen, the Arbor kitty!).

- Callie has been EXTRA sweet - and cute - lately: )

- Lisa sent us AWESOME kimonos!!

- I got to meet Erin and Matt's sweet baby boy, Brooks!

- I had dinner with my friend, Sarah!

- I grew a four-leaf clover at work - in my garden-in-a-bag from Lisa! (Do you see it? It is almost right in the middle!)

- I had fun with old friends at Katie's wedding shower!

- I had a (much-needed) night in with Natalie!

- Nick's sister was in town - SO good to see her!

- I received - and read - HUNDREDS of emails from my college friends!

WOW! Now that I've written all of that down, I feel like I have SO much to be happy about: ) I'm sure I could add SO much more, and that feels good, too: ) 

I would try to add some more, but I'm off to savor today's everyday moments - running with Natalie, eating a spinach and mushroom omelet, going to Art in the Park with Mom and Claire, visiting Grandma and Grandpa, catching up with Tiffany, watching Bones with Nick - and finally write my last two thank you notes!

I hope you savor today's everyday moments, too: )

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