Saturday, March 29, 2014

2 Years - Week 10 - Rock Collecting

My days of throwing clothes into the washer without checking the pockets have ended. I can't be sure that a rock hasn't made its way into a tiny pocket on a t-shirt or into a little pocket on a 2T pair of pants. Rocks, it seems, are everywhere, and Hudson is an expert at collecting them, throwing them, and drawing with them.

Down the street and around the corner is the edge of town...for now. The area was once a field, and now it is a HUGE pile of dirt and rocks. There is a new sign announcing an upcoming development project, and eventually the dead-end street may connect to the highway! For now, the area is the perfect place for a little boy.

On our way to the dirt and rock pile, Hudson examines rocks of 
various shapes and sizes that have made their way to the sidewalk...

...and gets really excited about his favorites!

The dirt pile begins with a TON of gravel...

...and it is a lot for Hudson to think about!

(Did I mention there is tall grass, wheat, and sticks, too?)

"Bye bye, rocks!" I'm sure we'll see you again soon; )

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