Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2 Years - Week 6 - Bike Ride #1

Dear Hudson,

I was SO excited to get you your balance bike for your birthday! I watched SO many YouTube videos of amazing two-year-olds cruising around and was sure you'd be into riding as well. 

So far...you're not that into it.

You love your helmet! 
Who cares if it is only on your head while you eat your cereal!?! ; )

 You sat on your bike a few times inside after your birthday, but we had to wait until the weather was warmer (and until we bought your helmet!) to try it outside. When we FINALLY had one warmish day (and your helmet!), I anxiously waited for you to wake up from your afternoon nap. 

I couldn't wake you - look how peaceful you looked!

Daddy and I got you all ready to go, and I snapped this picture of you on your bike...

...before you toppled over: ( Mama and Daddy FAIL!!!

You refused to get back on, but you kept on your protection for some basketball...

When you screamed as we put you back on the bike it was clear that you weren't going to ride anymore, we played at the park a bit...

Even though this bike ride #1 was a fail, I'm still excited about your bike and am sure that you'll love it in no time! I'm looking forward to warmer weather, trips to the park, and maybe even some bike rides to the park: )

Love YOU, Bubba!


PS: Next time I won't let go of the bike to take pictures until you're ready - I'll make Daddy take the pictures instead; )

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