Sunday, February 23, 2014

2 Years - Week 5 - Choo Choo!

Many little boys go through a Thomas the Train phase, 
and Hudson is smack in the middle of his right now! 

He wants to wear his "choo choo shirt"...

...and play with with his "choo choos..." 

He wants to read a "choo choo book" at bedtime (and while on the potty!)...

 He wants me to make up songs about trains, 
and he wants to watch a "choo choo show" every time he is near a TV...

He want to make train whistles shounds, 
and he wants to play "choo choo iPad" games....

We bought him some Thomas Wooden Railway trains and tracks for Christmas, 
and he plays with them almost every day.

We haven't figured out why, but he likes to put his body on the ground 
and move in a circle along with his trains... 

I know there will be many more phases in the years to come, 
but I'm really enjoying this one and hopes it lasts a while l: )

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