Saturday, September 13, 2008


I should be working on my class, but I had to take a break!

Mom told me a few weeks ago that blogs can be made into books. I spent a few minutes looking around and came across Blurb. I didn't have much time to look at it, and I haven't had much time to check it out again.

Then, this morning I was looking at Snippet and Ink and came across the SWEETEST guestbook...and it is from Blurb!

Here are some pics (and you can check out the whole wedding at Snippet and Ink!):

I don't know that I would include tons of odds and ends, but I def. have a "Nick collection" and could put in some pretty special notes, etc. I think mine would be primarily pictures, but I do like the personal, intimate touch of receipts, movie stubs, etc. I should start scanning stuff here and there - maybe that woul be a good "groom project" - : )


Anonymous said...

That seems perfect for you! What a cool way to archive the stuff you have collected over the years.

Love you!


Claire said...

Hey sis. You might have already seen it, but now another website has FREE books that you can make. I am trying it out right now, so I will let you know how it turns out. :) LOVE.