Saturday, September 20, 2008

Less than nine months...

Now that the wedding is less than nine months away, I think it is beginning to feel like it is going to creep right up on us! I went to a wedding today (CONGRATS APRIL AND JAVIER!), and friends were asking about my wedding plans. I start to realize I have done a lot of thinking lately - but not a lot of planning.

After I finished my homework tonight, I went to find my to-do list that I couldn't find in my earlier post - Making Progress. So, apparently, I thought that making progress meant making a list (and setting it aside). Now that I am actively looking at my list, I need to start crossing some items off!

To Do:
- think about parents' (and grandparents'?) wedding pictures
- work on the guest list (put it into some kind of format, find addresses, etc.)
- register for a few gifts (or at least figure out WHERE to register!)
- look through info from the church
- begin researching djs
- figure out the next step for flowers
- become more serious about a photographer
- talk to Free State kids about videography
- look into printing and paper (I do have some paper that I like!!)
- mind out if the mirrors Dad cut for Malinda's wedding are still out and about somewhere

For Nick To Do:
- think about the honeymoon (figure out if we can score any sweet wine-related deals through his company!)
- think about transportation

Claire mentioned looking at Zappos for bridesmaids shoes. I just spent a few minutes looking, but I am not sure I was doing it right - boo: ( I somehow found these:

SOOOOOOO beautiful...and $345! HAHAHA. I don't know how I ended up on these, but somehow I don't think my bridesmaids will be wearing them: )

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