Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monday already!!!

I am SOOOOOOOO tired, and I only have a few minutes to write. I have to try to be in bed by 10:30!!

1. The dresses are ordered: )

Mia's called this week, and the dresses are supposed to be shipped to them November 7th. The girl said the dresses will reach Mia's 5-7 days after that, so we should have them by mid-November. YAY! That is more than enough time before Lisa comes for Christmas. Here is a pic of Claire and the dress she (and Krista) picked. Mom and the Mia's girl pinned it up so it would be tea-length...

2. I love, love, LOVE my shoes!!

I went over to Mom and Dad's yesterday, and I tried on the shoes with my dress. Love them - and I think the dress won't need to be altered at all (except the bustle). SO cute - and $12.03!!

3. Callie-inspired Favors

Mom and I talked about favors a little bit, so I did some goofing yesterday. I made these cute, cute, CUTE stickers at Shutterfly. I also found these bone wrappers at Wrappers Galore. I think they are super cute, but I think the bone or treats need to be fully wrapped in something. I would hate to see them smashed up in someone's purse or suit pocket!

Okay...I need to:
- move the laundry
- clean the kitchen
- dust the living room
- clean our bathroom counter
- clean up the guest room

- pack my lunch and clothes
- finish my Emporia homework...

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