Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final details!!

I forgot I started this post last week and never finished it - here it is!

The final details are well under way! I have SO many details to share, but I think I am going to leave a few of them to be surprises! Last Friday, I had my trial hair done at Avanti. I LOVED it! I won't show you the actual photos, but here are some of the pictures I took with me as inspiration!

After that, I had dinner with Mom, Dad, Claire, and Jane. It was SO SO SO fun! It was like old times at the Wilkinson's with Jane there with us! Then, Claire and I picked up some favor bags, and I started to put together the favors as we watched Bridal Wars. I thought the movie was actually kind of cute: )

I have made many, many phone calls and emails over the last few days, and everything is truly coming together! I'm SO excited! We have so many people coming that we had to book additional space - but the caterer is awesome, and she didn't seem worried about it at all when Mom and I met with her on Tuesday! Today Nick and I met with Hank who is reading the scripture, and we just returned home from our meeting with the pastor. I still have some small changes to make to the program, but it should be ready to print soon!

Tomorrow I am going to work a little bit on some of the decorations and type up the timeline, but I'm not sure what else I really need to do! I guess I need to consult the LONG to-do list - ha!

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Anonymous said...

Hey L - what pictures did you take with you... they are not shown here:) Cant wait to see you in the next couple of days.

Love J