Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Catching up...

Grrr. I lost some of my posts, and I am too tired to try to remember the good parts of those days: ( I will fill them in if I think of them. I am also having trouble with pictures. I guess blogging was not in the cards for me tonight: (

Here is a pic of Katie and Nathan's twin boys, Owen and Abram, and Brooke's daughter, Adalyn. So cute!

10/18 - ?

10/19 - ?

10/20 - Conferences actually went well for once!

10/21 - Conferences went well...again!

10/22 - ?

10/23 - NO SCHOOL!!! I was busy all day, but it was a productive kind of busy! I was able to attend my favorite class at the gym after helping with the Social Awareness Club community sale. I clean A LOT, and I made some progress on my homework!

10/24 - Today was a great day overall because I was able to see friends and family in between all of my other responsibilities! Nick was busy at the KU game, so I took advantage of the day! I went to KC with Mom. We went to Crate and Barrel - I LOVE Crate and Barrel SO much! This is what I picked up!!!

Then, we went to Wal-Mart, and I bought some sweet pink crates, hanging files, and printed file folders to FINALLY organize the ridiculous amount of paperwork we have accumulated!

Our last stop was Archiver's. LOVE Archiver's, too! I bought the AWESOME scrapbook below, and I am actually feeling like a scrapbook of pics since our wedding may be possible!

After working out, grading some papers, etc., I joined Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Paul, Diane, and Hayley for a yummy meal! It was good to see family!

10/25 - ?

10/26 - ?

10/27 - ?

10/28 - ?

10/29 - ?

10/30 - Pizza and a movie with Nick! Sadly I slept through the ending of yet another movie: (

10/31 - I had a busy day leading up to a Halloween party! LONG run/walk with Callie on a beautiful day - I did not want to work out AT ALL (I am blaming my flu shot!)...but I did! We had SO much fun at the party - we went as Mizzou fans. Ha! : )

11/1 - Daylight Savings: ) : ) : ) We had some extra sleep, and I was amazingly productive after a long night! I finally ran a few errands that I had been putting off as well. Yummy soup and sandwiches for dinner!

11/2 - Realized that I only have to complete two more assignments in my psychology class. SO close to being done with this HORRIBLY busy semester!!!

11/3 - Realized that Nick and I leave three weeks from today for Thanksgiving in Fort Worth! After a relaxing few days, I will return to school and only have two weeks before the week of finals - YES!

11/4 - Went to Applebee's with a gift card we received as a wedding gift, and then we watched a good movie - Pelham 123 - before falling asleep!

11/5 - I woke up early in anticipation of a busy day! After an awesome work out, I showered and graded some papers. I went to KC to watch the Free State soccer team play in the state championship. They lost: ( - but it was AMAZING they were there in the first place! The 11 seniors on the team were freshmen and sophomores the two seasons that I helped with the boys. SO proud of them and happy for Coach! I stopped by Archiver's (I may be obsessed...) and picked up some page protectors! I may be ready to scrapbook the months since our wedding!!! As soon as I reached Lawrence, I changed, and Nick and I went to Topeka. We went to Dick's and I bought some new Nike+ shoes before an awesome dinner at Olive Garden! Nick showed me his KTKA office, and we stopped to pick up a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, we were too tired to drink our bottle of wine! Ha! I was asleep on the couch before 9:45! We are old...: (

11/6 - Long run with Callie on a BEAUTIFUL day; )

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