Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Nick and I are waiting for the KU-Memphis game to come on the tv. The game has started, but there is another game on tv in its final minutes. Callie does not like the radio and being so cute: ) She keeps "talking" to the radio! Now, I think Nick is scaring her because he is voicing his frustrations that the game is not on yet! The game started after 9 PM, so I do not know that I will be awake for the whole game. I am making cookies now to help me stay up: ) I am working on my blog and writing thank you notes (still!) as well.

11/11 - Picked up the last ticket at BodyPump...at 5:05 AM! The class is now starting at 5:30 AM, so I have to be up even earlier! I do love the class, so I guess it is worth it; )

11/12 - Productive day overall. I found out my teaching schedule is changing some next semester, but I am hoping it will be okay.

11/13 - Nick received last-minute tickets to the KU-Hofstra game. It was our first time in Allen Fieldhouse as a married couple: )

11/14 - BUSY DAY! NIck and I woke up earlier than planned, so we finally finished Flash Forward! We tried to watch it - unsuccessfully - to watch it Thursday and Friday! I took Callie for a long run/walk, and then I dropped Nick and Paul off for the KU-NE game. I stopped at school and worked hard to have my lesson plans ready for this week. After a quick shower, I graded some papers and played with Callie. I was awake ALL NIGHT for the Awake 4 Awareness lock in at Free State. We had a great group of kids, and I was happy with how the evening went overall!

11/15 - I successfully slept from 6 AM to 1 PM and then took a shower. After four weeks without anything to drink but water for the H2O Project (aside from a few beers and a glass of wine), I went to my fave coffee shop, Bistro Bella, and had a bottomless cup of coffee and a honey almond waffle - DELICIOUS! I Skyped with sis as well, and she had me laughing out loud like a loser in the corner. HAHA. Here we are:

Nick and I went to the store, and I had my FIRST diet coke in 4 weeks...AMAZING. Somehow I was able to accomplish more than I normally do on the weekend, and I was able to head to bed at a reasonable hour!

11/16 - A lady at Brandon Woods told me I looked beautiful. I needed her comment - almost as much as I need a haircut: ) Ha! When I left BW, it was snowing like crazy! It snowed some during the school day, but this was like a blizzard! Check out my car!

11/17 - I graded eight papers at school today, so I am on pace to be done before Thanksgiving! I hope I can stay on track!!! Productive day overall (...except that I did not clean our bedroom as planned...).