Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/18 - Made it through the LONG day at school, and I was able to grade some papers! We did not have club this night, so I went to the gym in the evening. We wrote some more thank you notes, and Nick made us some yummy soup!

11/19 - Mom and I went to the Free State musical, Pippin! It was much better than expected, and I was happy to have company: )

11/20 - Nick and I had a quick bite to eat at Salty Iguana, and then we put up our first Christmas tree and set out some other Christmas decorations. After I ordered some pictures for scrapbooking, Nick and I shared a bottle of honeymoon wine (a cab from Kohler) and played cards. Callie was good all night, and she actually took a nap! It was a fun evening: )

11/21 - We were BUSY on Saturday! I worked out and graded some papers. Then, Nick and I had lunch at Ingredient and did some looking for Christmas presents. We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look for a trundle bed. I went to Mom's to scrapbook for the evening. Good day!

11/24 - After school, I dropped Callie off to be boarded, and then Butch and Judy picked me up to start out trip to TX. I was sad when I realized I had forgotten my bag of scrapbooking stuff to work on, but I quickly felt better when we picked up Nick and he surprised me with the movie Up! I had told him how badly I wanted to see it, so he rented it from Redbox and we watched on our drive. Such a thoughtful husband: ) The drive wasn't too bad, and we made it there about 1 AM.

11/25 - Wednesday I went on a short run through the neighborhood. They have nice wide sidewalks that wind around through ponds. After we showered up, we ran some errands and ate at Freebirds. In the afternoon, I had some time to finally put some apps on my iPod touch. It was kind of addicting - but fun: ) Wednesday night we played Apples to Apples, and laugh, laugh, laughed! So fun!

11/26 - Happy Thanksgiving! Today has been AWESOME! I went on a run this morning and have been relaxing ever since! Judy, Jenny, and Butch made a DELICIOUS meal! We STUFFED our faces: ) I think everyone took a nap at some point during the day - it was a good day!

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