Thursday, June 24, 2010

End of the School Year

I'm back! I haven't actually been gone, but I have not posted in over two months! I have had pictures loaded for quite some time, but I haven't published them because I didn't have time to add any words to go with them! I should have several posts over the next few weeks...

I think it was really this post that has been slowing me down. My last day of school this year was also my last day teaching at Free State. While I am confident it was the right decision to resign, it was still an emotional and scary decision! (Those kinds of decisions are the worst! Yuck!) I am still searching for a job now - without much success - but Nick is confident that everything will work out: ) I'm not as confident as he is, but I know I won't be jobless forever, and I know that I would be unhappy if I was headed back to my classroom this fall. I'll keep you posted on the job search and will hopefully have some good news soon!

I will miss so many things about Free State...but most of all I will miss working with Mom: (

English Department

Ha ha!

In my classroom...

My friends on my window: )


Julia Dohen.... said...

GOsh I have not read your blog in a while:) I miss you terribly!

love j

Stephanie said...

Love this!