Thursday, June 24, 2010

North Carolina Anniversary Trip - Saturday

Saturday morning we slept in, and it was awesome! We headed downstairs for our gourmet breakfast, and everything we had was DELICIOUS! I had the cinnamon battered french toast and Nick had an omelet. SO SO SO good. We were SO full! We quickly packed up and took a few pics before we headed for Asheville.

Our beautiful bed!! I wish I would have taken pictures before we destroyed the room - maybe next time: )

View from our room - amazing!!

Our next stop was Asheville, NC - one of my favorite cities! We had lunch at Neo Cantina. We had never heard of it, but we were in the mood for some Mexican food! Yummy: )

We thought Mom would like this triple-decker chip!

Our next stop was the Biltmore Estate! I have visited the Biltmore several times, but this was Nick's first trip!

To give you an idea of the size of the Biltmore, look at the little people behind Nick!

We went on the tour of the house, and then we had some ice cream and tried to cool off a bit! The house is NOT air conditioned, and this was one hot day! We drove over to the Antler Hill Village. I walked around and did some shopping while Nick took a little snooze in the car: )

Next, we completed the complimentary wine tasting...and shipped home six bottles: ) Because it was our anniversary, we also enjoyed a complimentary glass of champagne!

Although we had originally planned to eat dinner in the Antler Hill Village, we decided to check into our hotel and see what was nearby. We settled on Tallgary's Pub and sat outside to relax. We had decided on a night out and were hesitant to leave, but we wandered around a little bit...before heading back to Tallgary's: ) We sat inside when we returned, and we rocked out to the live band!

Great day and night!

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