Thursday, June 24, 2010

North Carolina Anniversary Trip - Sunday

Sunday was our anniversary - and probably our most relaxing day: )

We slept in a little bit, and then we had a bit of an ordeal trying to rescue the car from the parking garage! Asheville is kind of like downtown Lawrence because street parking and parking lot space is limited. Nick parked the car the day before in a parking garage a few blocks away, but he forgot his wallet Sunday morning and had to come back to the hotel in order to retrieve it. The good news was that the hotel refunds the parking fee, so we got our money back after he paid!

We drove back to Grandmom and Granddad's, and we spent the rest of our vacation at their house. We had pizza and smoothies for lunch - and Klondike bars: ) Nick and Granddad rested for a while, and I spent time chatting with Grandmom. She told me about a book - Womansong - that her neighbor wrote, and it sounded like something I would like! Grandmom called the author, Gwen Suesse, and she came right over! Grandmom purchased a copy for me, and Gwen signed it! I started it, but I had to put it down to read the book club book (Unveiled: The Hidden LIves of Nuns). I just orded our next pick (The Abortionist's Daughter), so I hope to read soon! I think it will help me as I sort out some of the current struggles I am facing after quitting my job, etc.

Later in the afternoon we decided to go for a swim! Oh how I wish I could be in NC for two weeks at a time like when I was little - sometimes I forget how relaxing it is there! We lathered up with sunscreen and sat in the sun to heat up, and then we spent some time in the water - SO fun! We didn't have a ball (We'll have to put it on the list for next year!), so we played catch with an empty water bottle: ) Such a great time!

Before long, it was time to start dinner! Grandmom made a cute - and yummy - little platter of food to snack on while Nick cooked the steaks on the grill.

So thoughtful!

Grillin' some steaks: )

Dinner was delicious, and sitting around the kitchen table reminded me of all of the years that I sat there i the past. For me, there is definitely something special about growing up with a tradition and then being able to share that tradition with Nick. After our NC visits, he always says that he can't wait to go back: ) For our anniversary dessert, Grandmom picked out a FANTASTIC lemon cake - this one maybe! (I even had a second piece for a late-night snack!).

We spent some of the evening looking through old pictures and sharing stories; it was an lovely evening - the kind that I wish we could have more often! I wish Grandmom and Granddad's house was just a few minutes away!

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