Wednesday, August 31, 2011

18 Weeks

Weekly Survey

How far along?: 18 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: + 13ish pounds

Sleep: I’m probably not going to bed as early as I should be: ( I really need to try harder to get my 8 hours of sleep! Although I’m not as EXHAUSTED as I was during the first trimester, I think staying up too late and getting up too early is making me ALMOST as tired as I was then: (

Best moment(s) this week: Ultrasound!!! Ultrasounds are AMAZING, and I can’t believe that people have babies without them! The way I felt when I saw the profile of the baby is indescribable, and it was a moment I’d been waiting for. I’ve felt so normal for most of the pregnancy that it has been a little hard to really believe that I’m having a baby – until I saw him on the screen!

It also took my breath away as she pointed out his parts: 2 kidneys, spine, thigh bone, abdomen, four-chamber heart, brain, nose, lips, feet, hands, etc. I felt a new sense of relief to see an image that looks like a baby and that is measuring like he's supposed to so far!

Look how he has grown…

6 Weeks/4 Days

8 Weeks/2 Days
(The day after Father's Day!)

17 Weeks/6 Days

Movement: I don’t know if I’m feeling anything or not! I thought I was…but now I’m just not sure. Ha. I hope to feel something for sure soon: )

Symptoms: I feel pretty normal right now!

Maternity clothes?: I continued to avoid maternity clothes this week! I wore skirts, dresses, and my bellyband.

Stretch marks?: Nope!

Food cravings: Let’s just say that if you come to our house you really should NOT eat the cottage cheese. Someone may or may not be eating it straight out of the container; )

Food aversions: Nope.

Healthy eating?: I’m drinking more soda than I really want to be, but I’m eating pretty well throughout the day. Our dinners have been kind of unhealthy lately, but I’m hoping to start cooking some meals on the weekend to help us through the week!

Exercise: I think I’m still working out the same amount of time/week, so that is good! Two LONG runs, body pump X 2, walking, biking at the gym, two kickball games…

Gender: BOY!!! We had a great time sharing the news with our family! My sisters both said they thought the baby would be a boy…and they were right!

I still am not sure how the technician could tell that this shot...
...means that the baby is a B-O-Y!

Labor Signs: No!

Belly Button in or out?: In

What I miss: Hmmm. Diet coke! I tried a caffeine-free fountain diet coke, but it did NOT taste good at all: ( I even poured it out: ( I think it was actually a problem with soda machine, but it was enough to make me not want to try another one!

What I am looking forward to: Another sonogram – around 28 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm EXTRA grumpy, so I really have to try EXTRA hard not to become frustrated/annoyed/etc. I'm trying to take some deep breaths when I'm feel overwhelmed or mad for no reason!

Milestones: Sharing our news with Callie...

What I’m Smiling about This Week V. 7

- When Natalie and I were running on Saturday, I heard my name…and my favorite student, Emma, jumped out of a car to give me a hug. She left for KSU last week, and we didn’t have time to meet up before she left. I was SO excited to see her!

Emma/Lauren pic from one of my last days of teaching!

- Wednesday was Grandma's birthday! We spent time with her, and then we went out to dinner in her honor.

- I FINALLY cleaned our bedroom!

- We went to a wedding on Saturday – SO fun: ) Congrats, Toni and Jason! It was fun to see old friends, and we took some funny photo booth pics…

Sam and Lucy

Group shot!

Photo booth fun; )

- I’ve had some time to read this week!

- It looks like it should be cooler in no time!


Natalie said...

The video of Callie is SO cute!!! I'm glad you posted it :) I'm also glad you can still run...I don't know what I'd do without our runs!

Lisa Wilkinson, CPC said...

I love the Callie video too! Thanks for posting the sonograms! Yay! I've started to look forward to your Wednesday posts. Thanks for the regular updates. I'm loving it! xoxo