Monday, January 2, 2012

36 Weeks

Weekly Survey

How far along?: 36 weeks

(Feel free to make fun of my outfit.
I wear this top most of every weekend and to work every other week.)

Total weight gain/loss: + 36 pounds (over the target weight-gain least I'll be close, right!?!)  

Sleep: I'm waking up a lot, but I usually can go back to sleep without too much trouble. I did have some trouble a few nights ago: I was WIDE AWAKE from 2:30 until 4:30. I had some cereal, read for a while, tried to force my eyes shut...all without much luck. Luckily, I went to bed before 10 and didn't get out of bed until after 8 (it was a weekend!), so being awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night could have been much worse!

Best moment(s) this week: Spending time with family: ) Although Nick and I didn't take much time off, our families were in town for over a week. This gave us some time to visit in the evenings: )

Movement: Lots of feet to the ribs! He also shifts back-and-forth and side-to-side quite a bit. For several weeks the doctor has said that the baby is head down, so I really just feel him wiggling and pushing off of my insides - weird, I know.

Symptoms: HUGE, basketball-like belly - and frequent trips to the restroom!

Maternity clothes?: Duh. The weather has been uncharacteristically warm, so I've been wearing tights and dresses A LOT.

Food cravings: Based on my pile of recyclables...I'm still craving cottage cheese. I go through two containers/week and would definitely go through three if I bought that many!

Food aversions: Not really...

Healthy eating?: Better - but I definitely still took advantage of the holiday treats, family dinners, etc.

Exercise: Somehow I'm still exercising! I think I'm about done with BodyPump - because I'm having trouble leaning over to pick the bar up from the ground. HA! I look kind of ridiculous, but it really feels so good! Moving feels good, lifting feels good - sitting in one place all day does not! Even if I don't do BodyPump, I hope to continue to do something. I do hate that it is so cold/dark in the morning and dark before I get home from work. I'd much rather walk outside than on the treadmill!

Gender: Little dude!!

Labor signs: Nope. 

Belly button in or out?: Flat and kind of stretched out...gross.

What I miss: Hmmm. I know I've probably said this before, but I miss being able to hang out with Nick past 10 p.m. It makes me sad how short our weekend time feels when I fal asleep shortly after we start hanging out!

What I'm looking forward to: Installing the bases for the car seat! We scheduled our car seat inspections, so now we just need to get them all strapped in.

Weekly wisdom: If I did everything over again, I would finish the nursery by 30 weeks. It is exhausting to work in there now - but it looks so cute! Updated pics coming soon...

Milestones: We had our preadmission appointment at the hospital! When it is time to go, we just head that way, and they'll be waiting for us. Being in the "Family Birthing Center" and meeting with a nurse/filling out paperwork (We even filled out paperwork for how we want our names to appear in the Lawrence Journal-World!) really made things feel real!

What I'm Smiling About This Week V. 22

- Everything! Ha! I'm really having trouble with specifics because time if kind of running together. I have been feeling really happy, so I guess that is good: )

- We had a busy Christmas day! We spent Christmas morning at Nick parents' house. We ate WAY TOO MUCH for breakfast, opened presents, and had a delicious meal (made by Nick and Jenny!). We took a mini-nap on the couch, and I snapped this sweet pic of Nick with his hand on my belly...

We went to my parents' house for the afternoon. We opened presents, had some appetizers, and talked with Grandmom and Granddad. We went back to Nick's parents' house for Christmas night. We ate TONS of snacks and play Apples to Apples. Ryan can read now, so games are even more fun!

- On Monday, we spent time with my family. Aunt Diane, Uncle Paul, and Hayley came in town from Wichita, so we all went to lunch at Freddy's. We played a game and visited at Grandpa's until Nick and I had to leave to get ready for the work week.

- Lisa and Mom came over on Wednesday. We made a no-sew crib skirt with this tutorial (pics coming soon!!) and talked about some of Lisa's wedding plans! So fun: )

- On Thursday, I went to Mom and Dad's for family dinner. Nick didn't come with me because they had family dinner at their house, too! We had spaghetti - YUM - and chocolate sundaes: )

- On Friday, I went to Mom and Dad's for lunch. Mom made some terrific grilled cheese sandwiches to go with our tomato soup; ) I visited for an hour or so (and wanted to take a nap!), and then it was time to say goodbye to Lisa: ( I cried - as usual - as we said our goodbyes, and she reassured me that I will "do great" when it is time to have this baby! (Miss you, Sis! Can't wait to see you in March when I won't have to work!!!)

- On Saturday, I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. It was great to catch up! Then, I finished returning all of the duplicates from the baby showers and used some coupons at Penney's, Kohl's, and Target. I still need to make a list of what we're missing for the baby, but it feels so good to be done with returns! After errands, Nick and I went to his parents' house for New Year's Eve. We got rowdy (a.k.a. fell asleep on the couch!) around 9:30. I didn't see the ball drop, and I didn't get a kiss at midnight; ( I did find out that my grandpa rang in the new year at a party that didn't start until 9...and he stayed until after 1 a.m.!! Grandpa = rock star!

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