Saturday, July 19, 2014

2 Years - Week 24 - NC Part 1

Over the long July 4th weekend, we headed to NC for our annual trip! 


I picked up Hudson from Marilyn's around 12:45, and we went straight home for his nap. Nick and I finished the packing, and then we all left for the airport. Our first flight was delayed a half hour or so, so we played "find the trashcan," a brilliant game that I made up to provide some focus for Hudson's running through the crowded airport. I tore up a paper bag (from our $44 dinner - of sandwiches and chips!!!) into little pieces, and we tossed the pieces into different trashcans.

Because of the delay, we were afraid that we might miss our connecting flight in Chicago. Luckily, it was delayed just enough that we made it to the gate just in time - phew! We had to sit on the runway for a bit, too, but at least we made the flight!

Hudson didn't sleep AT ALL on the plane, but he fell asleep as soon as we started driving in the rental car! He was totally knocked out when we reached the hotel!


We went to the Greenville Zoo! It was BEAUTIFUL and just the right size! It was a pretty hot day, but there was so much natural shade! We had a great time and would definitely go back: )



"Look! I'm in the jungle! Mama in jungle, and Dada in jungle, too!"

Feeding the bear!

"Look, Mama! Baby Eagle!"

Turtles on a log!

Fire truck at the COVERED park!

One of Nick's friends recommended that we go to Tony's New York Style Pizzeria for lunch! It was DELISH, and we had an awesome waiter: ) We even got to see Tony! 

We tried to nap at the hotel, but it didn't go very well...until we reached Tryon and Grandmom's new place!

We visited with Grandmom for a bit, and then she took us out to dinner at a fantastic BBQ place. I had a burger with fried green tomatoes on it (SO good!), and Hudson ate his entire grilled cheese! Nick and Grandmom had ribs - Nick said they were pretty good but not as good as KC BBQ; )


We were so busy this day that Hudson needed some coffee (a.k.a. milk from a coffee cup!) to start the day!

We met Dad in Columbus for the July 4th celebration! There were a few random booths selling crafts and other odds and ends, but most of the booths had AMAZING food: ) We enjoyed corn on the cob (dipped in butter!), fresh-squeezed lemonade, and BBQ sandwiches! 

Hudson LOVED the bounce house, carousal, and helicopter ride!

He also laughed at Papi and showed his patriotism by waving his American flag: )

Hudson was so worn out that he took a nice long nap while Grandmom, Dad, Nick, and I visited!

After a snack, we hit the road to Brevard to meet up with Stephanie, Chad, and their friends and family! The lodge area was BEAUTIFUL!

We ate dinner and played games before Hudson went to sleep. He had his own room and bed, and he had no problem going to sleep!

Just before we all said goodnight, Stephanie and Chad made a wish and let a lantern fly up in the sky! 

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