Wednesday, July 16, 2008

family - gotta love em'

Mom and I met with Nick's cousin, Tara, today about wedding cakes. She is AWESOME! She is SO patient with my rambling, and she understands how simple I want everything to be!

After today, this is what we are thinking:

top - 10" round tier - serves 39
middle - 12" round tier - serves 56
bottom - 14" round tier - serves 77

- dark red ribbon on the bottom of the tiers
- sunflowers in groups
- on a stand?
- A on top?
- flowers on top?
- groups of dots for decoration
- flavor?? - I need to talk to Nick!

Thanks, Tara! Oh yeah, she also offered hurricane lamps and tea lights if we need them! SO pretty!

Speaking of family, here are our families:

Lisa, Claire, Me (my sisters)

Mom (Terry), Dad (Mark), Me (my parents)

Ryan (Nick's nephew)

Butch and Judy (Nick's parents)

Jenny and Tim (Nick's sister and brother-and-law)

Alyssa and Brianna (Nick's nieces)

I can't wait to join the families together!

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