Saturday, July 12, 2008

flower shopping

After looking at wedding blogs my mom bookmarked, I decided to make one myself! I thought it may be a great way to keep my ideas organized. Nick and I are still over 10 months away from our wedding date, and we have so many tasks left to accomplish!

Mom and I looked talked to Angie at Hyvee about flowers. We are not ready to make any decisions yet - but their prices were affordable and I really liked Angie. She even said she would make a sample bouquet if I wanted her to!

I think I want my bouquet to be primarily sunflowers.

Photos by ilovebutter on Flickr

I also like...


Photo by Redheads! on Flickr

Photo by amber in norfolk on Flickr

red, yellow, and green button mums:

Photo by lambchops on Flickr

curly willow (for the arrangement at the church):

Photo by cobalt123 on Flickr

I also like these flowers. I have decided that I want my bouquet to look like freshly picked wildflowers!

Photo by adstream on Flickr

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