Wednesday, July 23, 2008

rehearsal dinner - hmmm...

We are now thinking about the Lawrence Union Pacific Depot for the rehearsal dinner! Mom and I looked at it briefly for the reception, but it is too small and would have required some seating outside. I'm too scared to do ANYTHING outside, so we crossed it off the list. It is, however, the perfect size for a rehearsal dinner, and it is only a few minutes from the church (and right across the river from the hotel!)!

Here are a few pics (They aren't very good because it was still cold when we took them! The gardens, as you can see in the website above, are beautiful in the summer!):

Outside (I like the jayhawk!)

Community Room (main room - I don't really like the way it is set up in the pic!)

Arden Booth Free State Theatre Room (for one of Dad's famous slideshows?)

For food we are thinking about Bigg's or Carlos O'Kellys. We are going to discuss it while we are on our trip and maybe make a decision next week!

Speaking of our trip...

Dad is going drop Callie off at doggie daycare on Friday! I think she will LOVE it! I am taking her there tomorrow to be introduced to the place, the people, and some of the dogs! : )

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