Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Mom, Claire, and I looked a dresses for the bridesmaids today. We had some success! We liked dresses everywhere we went, but we had the most luck at Mia's.

I don't quite understand how it works, but DaVinci's and Impression Bridal have the same colors available. That means we could order from both companies and have the same dress colors. I'm a little skeptical, but they said it would be fine.
Here are the ones I liked! I just realized that some of the dresses I had already picked out while looking online (they're in a previous post!)! The dresses look a million times better in person. I'll post pics of Claire and I as soon as I have them uploaded!

This is the correct color - I think!
Cut to tea length!
middle (but cut to tea length)
center and right
Thanks for driving, Mom (even if you won't go on the highway!). Thanks for directions, Dad! Thanks for trying on dresses, Maidzilla (aka Claire)!!

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Kassia Photography said...

Hi Lauren,

I stumbled on your blog. I love the last photo of dresses! They look so modern yet girly and fun.