Monday, July 14, 2008


Today I had a long list of tasks to accomplish, but I feel like I didn't get much done: ( I addressed almost everything on my list, but many of my phone calls reached answering machines and other items are half-completed. I prefer to mark items all the way off the list, but I guess getting a little bit done on each item is better than nothing at all.

I am currently watching The Closer and looking at photographers. Looking for a photographer is difficult. I think I would really like to make sure that we are able to purchase a cd of photos. Some photographers include it in their prices while others have it as an additional fee. That makes it difficult to compare prices at a glance! Yikes! Tricky!

I love this picture from Rohman Wedding Photography:

And these:

Maybe Kp Photography could be promising:

I also like the look of different flowers for the bridesmaids from Elements Studio Photography (but I think they may be out of our price range!):

Okay, I need to go clean the kitchen! I just hear Nick washing the carpet - YAY!

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